Sightseeing spots in Itoshima Island for Itoshima repeat customers


How can we end our trip without “visiting the islands”!
Sightseeing in Itoshima on the last day using half a day!

I’ve been to Itoshima once, so I decided to go around spots I didn’t know yet, let’s forget about the popular spots like “London Bus Cafe” and “Sunset”.

The palm tree swing is photogenic

There are many photogenic spots in Itoshima.
The palm tree swing is one of them.

It can be a long line during the day so I recommend coming here in the morning!

When swayed by a swing, a soft breeze flows and it feels good

Late breakfast at Sumi Cafe

I imagined having an elegant breakfast at a traditional Japanese tavern, but the food menu starts at 11:00.
On the other hand, only desserts are provided for the first hour after opening.

Which one fills my stomach the most?

Good compatibility between cookies and salt! Itoshima’s salt is delicious.
Inside the store where you can feel the warmth of the sunlight through the trees

Shopping at Shinsaburo Shoten

When you leave Sumi Cafe, you will find Shinsaburo Shoten in front of you. This “pudding to eat with salt” seems to be a popular product. I want to eat it next time. I was able to buy souvenirs with a wide selection of miscellaneous goods and products from Itoshima and Fukuoka.

A wide variety of small-sized salt, Instant noodles, miso, alcohol, and other sizes that are perfect for souvenirs

Hiking on Mt. Tateishi

The slopes are steep and the roads are harsh but you can reach the summit in about 15 minutes. You can easily enjoy hiking and seeing a superb view from the top of the mountain.

Convinced that it is a sunrise spot
It’s like you’re overseas!

I think here’s a place where everybody can enjoy themselves.

The temple floating on the sea

Just across the bridge, we can see the Hakoshima Shrine floating on the sea. Although the shrine is small, it is yet powerful that I feel grateful for its existence.

At first, we were planning to visit in front of Mt. Tateishi, but we gave up because there was no parking nearby. However, I and Kayo also thought ” It’s fascinating, isn’t it? “, so we just decided to stop by at the end of Itoshima.

The sacred feeling does not change whether you look at it from a distance or near. Can you convey this expression?
The trees surrounding the shrine seem like they are protecting God!

The Saitaniya’s tonkotsu ramen at the end of the trip

“I feel bad if I’ve come so far to Fukuoka and didn’t have ramen “, so I decided to go to the Saitaniya, where Kayo said it was delicious before.

The atmosphere of the shop is popular , and I feel the reliability that delicious ramen seems to come out!

I tried adding sesame and pickled ginger to ramen for the first time, but it’s delicious! The soup is just so flavorful.

We returned the rental car around 17:00 and relaxed while looking back at the photos at the airport.

A trip to “Saga & Itoshima” where time passed by so quickly. I’m very happy that the dream of “I wish I could meet you in Fukuoka” someday a few years ago came true over the years! I hope the travel styles are close to each other and we can fulfill various dreams with each other!

First, let’s increase the repertoire of smiles and poses.

I don’t know why we get serious when we line up?

Thank you again!